We are leaders in multi-technological solutions. It is in our blood to pursue the highest quality results. For over a century we have sharpened our skills, so today we can stand as one of the major players in the market, tackling even the most demanding problems for our valued customers.


Headquartered in Singapore, our team of about 13,000 employees embark on a daily journey to design, engineer and deliver advanced applications development and high-precision engineering solutions for customers in 25+ locations across 13+ countries.

Our global footprint is flanked by 2 power teams: Interplex Product Development (IPD) and Interplex Tech Innovation Centers (TICs). Our IPD teams and TIC facilities along with 10 R&D centers focus on emerging technologies and the design, development and advanced production of customized solutions for optimal manufacturability and industrialization.

At Interplex, we live by a simple yet important business rule: Quality = Customer Trust = Business. Our numerous quality registrations — including ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certifications and FDA registration in Design Control, back up our robust expertise in delivering best-fit customized solutions for our customers to tackle their toughest engineering challenges


As technology evolves with trends, so do we. Global competition has only made us want to stay ahead of the curve, using technology and development as our advancement tools. With this “never say die attitude” we have perfected our skills in developing mission critical products tailored to specific end applications. It is from the same culture of winning that we have been able to harbor numerous patents and trademarked products, that provide solid building blocks to concertize our reputation.


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Interplex Tech
Innovation Centers

Information as at March 2021


It is our aim, our promise, and our commitment to deliver for you possibilities of tomorrow

We support our customers throughout their journey, from the optimization of designs to the customized solution.
We believe in collaborating with trust, open dialogue and respect. Together, we can make the impossible possible.
Every project is an adventure that we embark on, striving to create value and exceed expectations.


It is our belief that one cannot drive change simply through commitment to work but also through commitment to diverse responsibilities.

With commitment and responsibility we assess our EHS impact across operations, in all phases of execution.
We set the same high standards for environment and community that we have for technological advancements.

Our constant will to seek out improvement keeps our efficiency, performance, and results in check. 


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