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Considering a career in the precision engineering industry? Here’s why you should join us.

Great products don’t just appear miraculously. Here at Interplex, our people think about how our products impact the world. We create conducive work-life environments for our people, the heart of our business. We nurture and encourage them to create ground-breaking innovations and change the lens through which we see the world. Interplex is not just about design and manufacture; it’s an enriching experience.

Interplex is a great place to grow a career. With many positions throughout the business value chain and across our global footprint, we empower our people to fulfil our company vision:

Any solution, Anywhere™

Whether you are looking for internships or leadership positions, Interplex offers the opportunity to create a real and positive impact within a purpose-driven sustainable business.

Members of our family are deeply in tune with the pulse of the company – eager to push personal boundaries, groom others, and grow the company, with the company. So, if you share our vision and are excited to make a difference, make the move to join us today.

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