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Environmental Policy
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Interplex Group is mainly engaged in the design and production of tools, production of precision stamping parts, and the provision of product design as well as research and development solutions.

The company’s three main categories of contaminants are: Consumption sewage, noise and solid waste materials.

In order to contribute to the overall well-being of society, improve the quality of life and raise the standards of living, our company seeks to abide by the motto:


We shall promote environment protection activities in all our respective fields: Tool & product design, production and service. We commit ourselves to the following:

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Reduction of waste and recycled waste, and only executing proper disposal when absolutely necessary
  • Minimization of potential environmental accidents
  • Appropriate training for employees, subcontract workers, vendors & facility subcontractors of Interplex on related environmental requirements. Ensure complete understanding and incorporation of above-mentioned knowledge into daily work processes
  • Establishment of an ISO 14000 Team to set objectives and goals within reasonable time frame, as well as regular monitoring and continual improvements for environmental management
  • Perform and observe requirements of other correlation to produce green and environmental production according with customer’s requirements.
  • Compliance with the national environmental protection regulations and customer requirements, design shall not contain harmful chemical substances in tools and products
  • Establishment of meaningful communication with management, employees, suppliers and the public

The above commitments are based on existing Environmental Legislation.

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