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Webinar with Live Q&A

28 April, Thursday
8:00 AM (CST)
This is a 45 minutes session


Joe Lynch
Product Portfolio Director, Power Interconnects


Power Assemblies & Market Trends
BusMate®'s Technology and Features
Applications of BusMate®
Question and Answer Session


As the EV revolution and other e-Mobility markets are about to radically transform personal and commercial transportation options throughout the world, automotive engineers first need to reimagine the underlying, fundamental baseline practices and systems, such as how best to handle increasing power densities and a proliferation of new design requirements.

The new BusMate® is designed for these rising demands. The pluggable technology provides targeted solutions to deliver efficient power interfaces for applications with three unique features – Compact Size, High-Ampacity-To-Size Ratio and the ability to Accommodate Large Assembly Tolerances. The flexibility for design applications spans across multiple markets from Automotive, Medical & Life Sciences, Transportation, Energy, Industrial and Infrastructure to Information & Communication Technology.

Join us in this session as we delve into BusMate®’s technology and its various applications.

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