Information & Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become essential in almost every facet of our daily lives. From network servers to the devices in your pocket, Interplex helps keep everything connected.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Interplex plays a vital role in innovating solutions that span the whole spectrum of ICT, from network systems throughout the global internet and telecom infrastructure, to application servers that deliver content, and to mobile devices where you consume it. 

Infrastructure & Enclosure Solutions

Applications include:
IT Infrastructure
Electrical Infrastructure
Mechanical Infrastructure

High-Speed Connectivity

Applications include:
5G Backhaul Infrastructure
Industry 4.0 IoT


Applications include:
Smart Phones
Cordless Phones


Applications include:
We Connect the World
We Connect the World
Discover how enabling technologies and products from Interplex help create behind-the-scenes solutions that keep information flowing to users throughout the globe. 

Interconnect Technology

Interconnects provide the fundamental building blocks for all systems and devices within ICT ecosystems. Interplex leads the way with robust, customizable solutions.

High-Precision Engineering

Interplex’s high precision engineering expertise is key for enabling complex electro-mechanical ICT devices such as hard-drives, storage systems, handheld devices and more.


Interplex’s experience in mechanical design, materials science, and thermals plays a crucial role for design and production of enclosures, racks, and cabinets that optimize ICT success.
Discover Other Markets
Discover Other Markets
From end to end creation, redesign, or developing a brand new concept innovation, we execute it with proven expertise and experience. Below are few of the market segments where we can apply these solutions:


We are transforming this sector with battery, power, driver-assisted operation, safety, infotainment, and autonomous systems.

Information & Communications Technology

Our solutions enable network systems in the global cloud, application servers to deliver content, and mobile devices to consume info.

Medical & Life Sciences

We enable technologically advanced health care solutions that can change the world of Medical & Life Sciences.

General Industrial

Our team of experts are always ready to co-design with your engineers to develop customized innovative solutions.
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