Need a battery interconnect system for your EV? Cell-PLX™ is your answer.

Sustainability. Cleantech. Zero emissions.

These are buzzwords in the world of electric vehicles and battery applications, but we can transform them into your reality.


Cell-PLX™ is Interplex’s customized battery interconnect system designed to your application needs. With integrated control board interconnects and pluggable multi-module expansion capabilities, our high-precision elements seamlessly integrate into an organized system.

Providing Power Solutions Across Multiple Industries

Bring out the best in your battery system with Cell-PLX™. From automotive power applications to the electrification of transportation, as well as energy storage solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Take charge of your battery system needs and discover what Cell-PLX™ can do for you.

Cell-PLX™’s Unique Selling Propositions

  • Customized single/multi-layer current collector designs
  • Supports various current densities and cell array configurations
  • Tight-tolerance current collectors
  • Laser weld/wire bond attachment options
  • Robust packaging formats for high-vibration environments
  • Multiple module-to-module connection options
  • Seamless integration of passive and active components for safety and cell monitoring
  • Quick time-to-market; vertically integrated in-house production capabilities

Any solution, Anywhere™

  • Electric cars (EVs)
  • Civil aviation – light electric aircraft
  • Electric helicopters and airplanes
Commercial Transportation
  • Buses
  • Light trucks, tractor trailers
  • Trains, subway systems
  • Electric boats, ferries and vessels
Personal Mobility
  • Motorcycles
  • Electric scooters
  • Bicycles
  • Wind energy storage
  • Solar energy storage
  • Forklifts

Watch Cell-PLX™ Come Alive:

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