E-Mobility Solutions



Interplex is a key industry leader in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge interconnect and mechanical products in future energy, power, and signal connector technology. Our unique capabilities in both electro-mechanical and mechanical enable us to develop proprietary solutions for EV powertrains, battery systems, ADAS applications, and more for electric vehicle OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2.


Battery Systems

We overcome design complexities with custom battery solutions in various battery configurations. With our U-Turn technology, we deliver excellent current density spread, consistent performance and low loss energy transfer.

Fuel Cell Systems

Leveraging on our years of experience in high-precision engineering, we enable fuel cell systems with enhanced performance and an operational lifespan of over 8,000 hours.

Busbar Solutions

Our busbar solutions address weight and space constraints, delivering excellent electrical performance, chemical resistance, material strength and reliable connection in harsh environments.

Power Connectors, BusMate®

Addressing high-power density connectivity challenges with power connectors that have low and stable contact resistance and robust electrical performance. This improves power efficiency of power systems and modules.

Power Lead Frames

Interplex is a leader in the power module industry, customizing power lead frames that enable smaller, integrated power conversion systems. This improves performance and efficiency with shorter current paths between subsystems.




To handle the high-density and high-speed signaling in automotive connectivity, our robust sensor interconnects with customizable shielding optimizes signal interfaces to minimize signal paths and mitigate noise, EMI/RFI interference.

Electronic Control Unit Connections

We transform the design and integration of compact, reliable interconnects for ECU modules by addressing the rising need for higher circuit densities, pin counts and signal integrity.

Standard Connector Solutions

Our standard connectors were designed to meet the ever-changing market requirements for high performance and reliability with highly configurable solderless solutions that mitigate costs and complexity of assembly.

We help our customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership
by leveraging our unique multi-disciplinary skillset from both electro-mechanical and mechanical disciplines.

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