Imaging & Printing


Bringing Advanced Imaging & Printing into Focus


Interplex plays an important role in the global ecosystem for design and delivery of advanced imaging and printing solutions.  Throughout the evolution of modern imaging capabilities, Interplex has been providing leading product makers with innovative electronic and mechanical solutions.

Whether the design requirements involve shrinking the device footprint, increasing the density of interconnects in a system or creating specialized mechanical parts for housings, paper transport mechanisms or printing consumables, customers can rely on Interplex to solve the challenges.


Our value proposition
Core Competencies

Core competencies such as metal stamping, chemical etching and assembly allow Interplex to collaborate with global manufacturers to innovate and deliver integrated solutions that enhances the lives of consumers.

Trusted Provider

With our targeted design and manufacturing expertise, Interplex has become a trusted provider of high-volume base level electronic and mechanical components certified to industry standards within our customers’ products.

Global Footprint

Interplex’s global footprint and localized manufacturing capabilities also provide high-value to our global imaging and printing customers who need to maximize business opportunities and minimize logistics hassles across a range of regional and country-specific markets.


Some imaging products we created:
  • Laser Printers
  • Ink-jet Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Projectors