Powering New Generations of Advanced Solutions


Interplex helps make complex ideas come alive! Interplex provides essential advanced Industrial electronics solutions used in new generation residential buildings, infrastructure, automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process controls, power generation and transmission.

We have the ability to integrate a wide range of advanced processes and technologies to deliver optimal design & manufacturing approach for every project. We practice a concept-to-production approach that shortens time-to-market, lowers cost and delivers long-term value over the entire product life-cycle.

Our full in-house manufacturing expertise allows us to focus on delivering the best integrated mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions to our customers.


Our value proposition
Core Competencies

Innovative R&D leadership in core technologies such as stamping, plating, forging, precision plastic injection & complex molding, machining, finishing, welding, electronic interconnect solutions, progressive cold forging, die-casting, and automated assembly.

Trusted Provider

We are a trusted and innovative supplier to makers of industrial, instrumentation and power generation products, helping them to competitively meet escalating global requirements with lower-cost and more energy efficient product offerings. Customers trust our extensive experience in manufacturing critical metal components used in high current contactors.

Customer Track Record

Interplex is the preferred supplier to many multi-national companies. We exercise our innovative-ness to create cost efficiency, higher outputs and improvements in every possible aspect for our customers.

Global Footprint

Interplex’s global manufacturing with localization capabilities allows us to deliver targeted solutions with lower costs and simplified logistics.


Here are some of our innovation:
  • Connector
  • Fuse Products
  • Circuit Breaker & Switches
  • Power Distribution Box
  • Contactor
  • Point of Sales
  • Power Tools
  • Compressor