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Solutions to Help Interconnect the World


The worldwide proliferation of at-your-fingertips communications capabilities and consumer expectations for ever-smaller and higher-functionality devices has fueled an ongoing revolution in device design amid a fiercely competitive global marketplace. In this industry, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected wearables, AI applications and a whole host of new connected devices are accelerating the pace at which technology progresses.

Our custom flex circuits, precision stamping, molding processes, and vertically integrated assembly capabilities also give mobile device makers optimal flexibility for design, manufacturing and out-sourcing options.

Interplex leads the way with new, smaller solderless interconnect solutions to enable more compact multi-PCB designs with higher circuit densities for a challenging mobile and telecommunications market.


Our value proposition
Customer Track Record

As a key supplier to Tier 1 device makers and subsidiary players throughout the mobile device and telecom infrastructure ecosystem, our ongoing design and product innovations are a vital part of this global communications revolution.

Technological Leadership

Our integration of precision stamping, solder-free and solder-attach technologies are giving designers new options of efficiently integrating RF shielding within smaller form factors.

Global Footprint

With our global footprint and localized manufacturing capabilities, Interplex is an ideal partner for mobile device and telecom manufacturers that need to align the supply and logistics for maximum efficiency across a wide range of global markets.


Some popular items we manufacture:
  • Set Top Box
  • High Speed Switch
  • EMI/RFI Shield
  • Compliant Connector
  • Wireless System
  • Router
  • Wire Harness
  • Micro Antenna/Connector
  • USB Port
  • Castings