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Enterprise Storage

ICT storage systems are continually evolving to meet new requirements for faster performance, higher densities, smaller form factors, and specialized functions. While some basic principles hold true across many networked storage applications, range-enabling technologies are constantly expanding.

Driving Higher Performance Storage

Driving Higher Performance Storage

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have been a fundamental element in computing systems for decades. Although the basic HDD functionality of electro-mechanical devices for storage and retrieval of data has remained essentially the same, the speeds at which magnetic disks are spinning and the amount of data that can be stored have increased exponentially. At the same time, HDD form factors are evolving to meet more diverse requirements for smaller sizes, lower weight, lower power consumption, and greater configuration flexibility.

As a long-term proven supplier of HDD components, Interplex has built a solid track record for quality, high-volume production capabilities, and application-specific design innovations. Our industry-wide reputation for dependability and responsiveness, combined with the logistics advantages of Interplex’s global footprint, have made us the trusted supplier of choice for top-tier datacom and telecom companies.

Market Offering

Market Offering

Interplex offers a mix of enabling technologies, product design expertise, and production capabilities to fulfill a wide range of storage system requirements.

Ultra-High-Density HDD Storage

Discover Markets
Interconnect Technology can be applicable in various market segments in order to transform and enhance their existing technology. Below are few of the market segments where we can apply these solutions:


We are transforming transportation with battery, power, driver-assisted operation, safety, infotainment, and autonomous systems.

Information & Communications Technology

Our solutions enable network systems in the global cloud and application servers to deliver content and keep you connected.

Medical & Life Sciences

We offer technologically advanced health solutions that are revolutionizing the way the world receives care.

General Industrial

Our team of experts is always ready to co-design with your engineers to develop customized innovative solutions from the ground up.

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